by Benjamin Ragheb (benzado)

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The latest version is 0.9.4, released on 2003-03-21. This version includes rewritten mood handling, fewer notifications, and possibly more bugs. See Changes.txt for details.

Caveat Implementor:

Where do I get LJKit?

What is LJKit?

LJKit is a framework which can be used to develop LiveJournal clients for Mac OS X. It provides a robust, full featured implementation of the LiveJournal Client/Server Protocol. (The only mode not yet implemented is syncitems.)

LJKit was developed by me and is available to you under the terms of the GNU LGPL. (You can use it in any way you want, including linking it to a commercial application, as long as the source to LJKit itself remains free.)

LJKit is documented using HeaderDoc. You can browse the LJKit Documentation online.

LJKit uses things like NSKeyedArchiver and performSelectorOnMainThread: which are only available in Mac OS X 10.2. If you haven't upgraded, sorry!

What is SimpleJournal?

SimpleJournal is a demonstration application which uses LJKit. SimpleJournal is placed in the public domain. (You can do whatever you want with it. There are no restrictions.)

Here is a screenshot of SimpleJournal in action:

of SimpleJournal in action.

SimpleJournal supports entry writing, editing your most recent entry, friends checking, and friends and groups editing. (That last feature is pretty slick, if I may say so myself.) You are welcome to use SimpleJournal as a starting point in developing your own LiveJournal client. You can release your new client under the GPL or keep the source closed and charge $50 per copy; it's up to you.


Xjournal by Fraser Speirs uses LJKit. (iJournal, another client, does not.)

LJKit is listed on Freshmeat.

If you are using LJKit, please send me an email. I'd like to have an idea of how much attention it is getting so I can decide how often to post updates. Suggestions and patches are welcome. I will set up a CVS repository somewhere if there are enough contributors.